Praise from our patients

"Fantastic cleaning! The entire team at Lawson takes away any stress and anxiety of visiting the dentist. I cannot recommend them enough!"

- Tami

"I wanted to tell you that last time I had my teeth cleaned, Kris took my blood pressure and found it to be high. She was concerned and took it a second time before I left and it was still really high. I went to see my doctor afterwards and found out I needed to be medicated. I wouldn’t have caught it for a long time had you guys not made it part of my appointment. Thanks for the extra great care!"

- Lee

"It was my sincere pleasure to meet you today at Lawson Family Dental. I had a wonderful time and experience with all of you and I enjoyed very much the visit that I had with all of you. It was a wonderful experience for me and a great visit and I enjoyed interacting with all of you. All of you treated me so well and kindly. You are all a gift from the Heavens!!! Many, many thanks to all of you for your kindness!!! My best regards to all of you!!!"

- Gilbert

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